Top Mountain Hotels in Sri Lanka


Mountain hotels are the perfect place to enjoy peace and serenity while exploring the vast Himalayan ranges. You can have the best of both worlds in these magnificent places. The hospitality offered by mountain hotels is simply incomparable. Many of these hotels have been established by foreigners to serve as a base for trekkers, cyclists and enthusiasts. Here is a bucket list of some of the best hill stations you could ever find in the mountain ranges:

Dhaulagiri is a small mountain resort on the edge of the Himachal Pradesh state and is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the Himalayan region. Near by are the fabulous Dalhousie Peak and the stunning Dal Lake. A lovely lakeside promenade, with waterfalls and lush green valleys makes it a paradise for nature lovers. You will find an assortment of excellent dining options near this mountain hotel. If you are staying here, be sure to visit the Himachal Pradesh State Park and Wildlife Sanctuary too!

It’s a small mountain hotel in the Bicholim National Park and is located near the Chail pass. It is frequented by hikers and campers who like to explore the lush green valleys surrounding the lake. There are a few things you should do when you stay at the Bicholim Hotel near lake Louise: take a trek to the top of the pass and take a look at the amazing scenery that surrounds the lake. If you are into boating, river rafting or fishing, then the hotel also has a well established campfire. Other activities that you might be interested in while staying here are mountain biking, tennis and golf.

The Ranga Resort is another wonderful Himalayan hotel that is situated close to the Chail Pass and is a great place for family holidays to stay. One of the biggest attractions here is the 20 meter high Christ church. The hotel offers rooms with views of the mountains and the nearby Ranga River. A bucket list trip to the national park is recommended for those who want to see the valleys surrounding the Ranga river.

Another popular mountain hotel in the Kundal country is the Radanagar Hotel. It is a small hotel that has a couple of rooms that are beautifully decorated with traditional Indian furnishings. There is a restaurant that offers food from all over northern India along with the local flavor. The hotel was made using traditional Indian furnishings and decorating techniques and was originally built using red bricks.

The Venkatgiri Glacier is famous for its stunning natural beauty and the rooms at the Radanagar Hotel are situated near the foot of the mountain. You can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, snow-capped mountains, the Dal Lake and the crystal blue lakes. Many tourists come to Kundal country for its many ski resorts and beautiful hill stations but it is the mountain hotels around the lake that attract many visitors.

Another top attraction is the St. Moresby Hotel which was built around an old lighthouse on the shore of the lake. The hotel is on the main street of the town and is a perfect stop off on a ski resort bucket list adventure. You will find the hotel surrounded by lush gardens and there is a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains from the window of your room. The hotel offers rooms with magnificent views of the St. Moresby Valley and surrounding area.

If you are looking for a more quiet mountain retreat then look no further than the Laxmi Niwas Resorts which is nestled on a hilltop right next to the Ranga River. The resort is home to a spa, a pool and a tennis court. The rooms have views of the lakes and surrounding mountains and a comfortable alfresco dining experience is on offer. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to participate in a guided day trip to the various attractions in the area as well as a relaxing spa treatment.