Grand Canyon National Park Hotels – Lodging in the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon National Park is an enormous and very unusual landscape which should only be experienced for oneself. It’s easy to spend days or even weeks getting to know the park, but it is much more exciting to go exploring it on your own. The best way to explore is by spending some time in the Grand Canyon National Park Hotels.

The Grand Canyon National Park is huge and there are a number of reasons why visiting this area is a must. For one thing, you will be amazed by the scenery. There are an estimated 1.7 million people who visit this area yearly, but there are still hundreds of thousands more who do not. Hence, the Grand Canyon National Parks is the best hotels to stay in when you are visiting the area.

This is my favorite lodge…with a twist. If you are looking for a hotel practical base casual, family oriented, yet still far enough away from the big city to feel the tranquil yet exciting air of nature, you should consider staying at the Yavapai Lodge. Located on Hualapai Lake in the western part of the Grand Canyon, the Yavapai lodge is one of the best Grand Canyon National Park hotels.

My favorite part of the Yavapai lodge is the view of the canyon. We often take flights in from Vegas or Phoenix and then drive for two or three hours to the southern edge of the Grand Canyon. During our stay at the Yavapai lodge, we often stop at the Old Town of Yavapai for lunch and then we hike up to the Grand Canyon overlook point. It is very impressive indeed.

The Yavapai Grand Canyon National Park starting rate is around seven hundred dollars per night, but you can save even more if you look into camping packages. These are not hard to find online, but I would recommend that you find a travel agent to make sure that you get the most for your money. I have heard many people say that they would never go back to the U.S. without a trip to the Grand Canyon. That’s true!

One of the lodges we stayed at had a very comfortable room with a fantastic view of the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. Another couple that we stayed at the Old Town Yavapai Lodge had an outdoor kitchen that was very easy to use and cook wonderful meals. There were several very good restaurants within walking distance as well. All of the accommodations at this Grand Canyon Lodge were very comfortable. I can definitely recommend staying at this Grand Canyon National Park Hotel.

In addition to these three lodges, you can also stay at several hotels in the Old Town and South Rim areas. The Yavapai and Tusayan hotels are two of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. I would definitely stay at one or both of these places. The Grand Canyon National Park is definitely one of the America’s Most Incredible Places. I encourage you to go and explore this incredible land.

To get all of the information that you need to plan your trip, be sure to visit my website listed below. This article is not intended to provide information on how to save money while staying at one of the grand canyon hotels, it is intended to help you learn more about staying at a hotel while visiting the Grand Canyon National Park. You can save a considerable amount of money when you plan your vacation online compared to what you will pay if you visit a local lodge. In my next article, I will give you more information about different types of accommodation options that you can find while visiting the Park. Stay tuned!